Delivery Time:

In case of no drip feed, delivery time will be max 7 days:

Otherwise max 7 days + drip feed time (this is common sense).

Less important,

just our opinions on

using SAPE

Refund Policy:

This is sape for people who knows what they are doing. We offer full refund is we dont deliver in time (look Delivery Time). We recommend using sape on Tier 1. Sape links are blackhat links and because of that they are always risky. We dont offer refund based on your keyword ranking and performance of your websites. We dont want to ruin your business, so if we feel some of your requirements might be to risky for You we will warn you and offer refund before starting delivering.

WE HIGLY RECOMMEND READING THIS: We will choose for you the LESS used backlinks from Sape. WHY? Think, there are many many small webmasters that use all the time sape backlinks on small scale, and they give up, and many pages where sape links are, have seen constant change of backlinks on monthly basis and its not good that you land on page where so many backlinks have been in past. So we carefully choose proper pages for you. Any this takes time and costs money. And we are the best in finding such less used backlinks for you.

(stuff other sellers wont tell you, so they dont scare you)

Our personal opinion is that you need to use sape for 2 months minimum to see full power for ordered package. People will tell you "you will see effect in 3 week"...yea right. We are honestly telling you, if you are trying sape (or any other monthly rated package for like 1 month) then you are wasting your money. So if you decide to give sape a try, be prepare to use it for 2 months. We can drip feed for you and we highly recommend this in case if you go for some bigger package, or if you are hitting some to fresh site.

We allow 1 domains 2 urls 4 keywords per 20 backlinks

Meaning, 1 domain with 2 urls per 20 backlinks package, or 2 domains with 1 urls each per 20 backlinks package. We can arrange other values under Custom SAPE backlink package. After subscription Email your info to knedlc(AT)

    • Mini Package

    • 5 TF15/DA20

      TRIAL 33% Discount

      For 1st month

      Limit 1 Mini per buyer


      usd 1st month
      then 9$ per month
    • Junior Package

    • 10 TF15/DA20


      usd per month
    • Starter Package

    • 20 TF15/DA20


      usd per month
    • Advanced Package

    • 20 TF15/DA20

      10 PA20/DA20/CF20/TF20


      usd per month
    • Business Package

    • 40 TF15/DA20

      20 PA20/DA20/CF20/TF20

      5 PA30/DA30/CF30/TF30


      usd per month
    • Corporate Package

    • 80 TF20/DA20

      40 PA20/DA20/CF20/TF20

      15 PA30/DA30/CF30/TF30

      3 PA40/DA40/CF40/TF40


      usd per month